Networking Unleashed

Professional networking is hardly new. For endless years employees and business leaders have built networks on the job and throughout their social circle, whether that’s the gym, church, community events or family connections. But as with so much of today’s networking, social media takes an old practice and supercharges it.

Today, workers at all levels can network with greater speed and flexibility than ever thanks to social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook. Workers can learn more about another organization than ever thanks to community sites like And just as consumers can use networks and information sites to make purchasing decisions, these professional sites can help workers make a more informed job decision about any company where they consider working.

New insights on how social networking is changing the professional environment can be found in Part 5 of Untangling the Social Web, the new study from the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council of North America. The study, authored by The Integer Group of Colorado, can be downloaded for free at (North America page).

Michael Sansolo

Research Director

Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council of North America

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