Meiners Utilizes Playbook for Success Survey Tool

Meiners convenience stores first learned about the NACS/Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council Playbook for Success by reading about it in a trade publication. After being inspired, six months later the organization set things in motion and started to see the benefits.

According to my contact at Meiners, the company had been doing a good job meeting the needs of its customers, but wanted to hear what their shoppers had to say. While the owner/management team had never conducted shopper research, they were comfortable using the short survey provided in The Playbook for Success.

After interviewing a cross section of customers and employees, they learned there was great opportunity to expand their food service offering and keep up with competition. Today, Meiners is acting on that finding, ensuring their offerings are understood and appreciated by customers.

I believe The Playbook for Success helped Meiners take its first step with shopper research. This is exactly what the Council members hoped would happen when they started the project by saying we need to find ways to “ask customers what we can do to encourage them to spend more in our stores.”

Whether you’re ready to take your first step with shopper research or looking for a blueprint for growth, The Playbook for Success can help.

Bill Bishop

Research Director

NACS/Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council

Founder, Willard Bishop LLC and Chief Architect BrickMeetsClick

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