People Want to Be Known

Employee Engagement: This is what success looks like.


Building a culture of employee engagement happens when a manager really gets to know the people who work for them and how that can transform the way employees feel about their boss and the business.

In our third video as part of the “Power Up Employee Engagement” video series, you’ll see a powerful story of how one supervisor decided to not just understand what was important to one of her managers, but to also get involved.

You’ll learn how managers tap into the power of getting to know their people outside, as well as inside of the workplace and how this increases engagement.

People Want to Be Known

This all boils down to the fact that employees, just like everyone else, want to be known as the unique person they are. It also shows that managers who make a genuine effort to do this can take a big step forward in building a new culture of engagement in their business. You’ll see that this doesn’t take a lot of time and can produce some amazing results that improve sales and profit, empowering you to grow your business.

Read more about employee engagement in our ongoing study, Power Up Your People.

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