What’s Your ROI?

Employee Engagement: This is what success looks like.

While employee engagement can generate ROIs, it only happens when there’s an investment of time and energy in your people. This starts with taking a clear-eyed look at the culture in your stores and recognizing that the culture is key to unlocking these returns.

It’s not easy to have a clear-eyed look at culture because you’re part of it. That’s where employee feedback can help, but it takes more than that. Managers must also be willing to react to the feedback, and model and encourage what they want people to do to achieve a longer business life cycle. When you have employees who want to work for you, that’s when you get the ROI.

As you’ll hear in the video from managers who’ve done the work to change the culture in their stores, the results from these efforts were incredible. With no organized focus on driving sales increases, sales were up 20 percent. This was simply the result of more engaged employees.

What’s Your ROI

Read more about employee engagement in our ongoing study, Power Up Your People.

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