The Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council conducts studies on issues that help retailers respond to the changing marketplace.  A unique aspect of these initiatives is that the retailers themselves define the objective and the scope of each project, as well as “own” the process through the release of the study and dissemination to the broader retail community.  The Council’s international network has completed more than 40 studies since 1978, providing an unparalleled mosaic of the issues and opportunities facing leading retailers around the world.

Visionary retail food executives from leading companies serve as council members to identify important issues and opportunities in the grocery and convenience retail business, conduct relevant research and encourage wide public sharing of findings. CCRRC is composed of seven councils – each has a section on this site with lists of members and studies they’ve conducted. The Coca-Cola Company enthusiastically supports these endeavors, but Council business is conducted independently of the Coca-Cola system and is carried out by each council on behalf of the industry.